St. Somewhere Evangelical Lutheran Church

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123 Main Street
Anytown CO 80020

Worship & Class Schedule

Services - 8:00 am, 10:30 am
Adult Bible Class - 9:15 am
Sunday School - 9:15 am

Service - 7:00 pm

Bible Study - 7:00 pm


Who is Jesus?
What do the Bible and Lutherans teach?
This We Believe
Lutheran Confessions
Questions and Answers
In Our Own Words


Daily Bible Reading
Daily Devotion
Downloadable Bible Studies
Online Bible


Pastor John Q. Doe


Wisconsin Evanglical Lutheran Synod
WELS Streams (video, podcasts, radio, etc.)
WELS Kingdom Workers
WELS Child & Family Services
WELS Women's Ministry
WELS Nebraska District
Northwestern Publishing House
Christian Life Resources
Truth In Love Ministry


A new Bible Information Class is starting soon! Please contact Pastor Doe to enroll.

Our next Voters' Meeting is this Sunday at 2:00 pm (after our potluck - please bring a dish to pass).

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